TV show ’Qatar From Their Eyes’

Qatar TV gör en serie program om expats från olika länder som lever och verkar i Qatar. De har varit i kontakt men ambassaden och vill ha med Sverige och svenskar i den nya säsongen och söker nu efter en frivillig familj som vill vara med.Se mer om upplägget nedan.

Om ni vill vara med kontakta ambassaden direkt på;


After talking to the Ambassador, herewith the email shortly describing what the TV-show is about and below the links to previous episodes in the first season.

Qatar relies strongly on the expertise and knowledge of the expats, in every field and industry possible. The show ‘Qatar From Their Eyes’ was written with the idea of shedding positive light on the expat communities living and working in Qatar. Some have been here a very long time, others come and work for a few years. All these expats, and the embassies representing them, play part in the development of Qatar.

In this show, we highlight a country in each episode, interview the Ambassador about the relations between the two countries and we follow a family representing this country’s community; partly professionally and partly socially. How is it for this family to live and work in a society far from their own, raise children and how do you integrate socially?

Find attached the synopsis and below the links of 3 episodes of the first season, which was successfully received by the locals on others.


South Africa


I am looking forward to include the Swedish embassy in our second season of ‘Qatar From Their Eyes’.

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